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We’ve had a family tradition for about 10 years.  We see a movie either Christmas eve, or Christmas day; preferably if it is opening night too…   This year we took the boys to see Valkyrie staring Tom Cruise.  It was well worth seeing. There were three main themes that made this movie: #1. If […]

Faster than ever:

2008 was the fastest year ever!  I know the older we get, the less of a % each year composes, so our point of reference would naturally have each year’s length decrees, relatively speaking.  Still, this year flew by.  For us, our family, our congregation, our friends, not only was this year incredibly fast, it […]

Sunday nights:

For about the last two years I preached through the book of Acts on Sunday nights.  Due to the climate and the needs at our Church, I then had a series on the “one another” passages.  I like that series, and used a format more along a class setting, dialogue, back & forth participation. Well, […]


Well, it looks like my blog is not a robot for spamming after all!  Thankful the Orange arrow of doom has been removed.  Sorry to everyone who attempted to sign up for lifegroups but were thrown off by the Orange warning google had on the blog.  Kyle figured it was generated because of the survey […]


Last week we traveled to Chicago to enjoy Thanksgiving with Tammy’s family.  My biggest goal in getting back to Chicago is usually to make it into a Portillos for an Italian beef/sausage combo…  We had a good time, and I enjoy hanging out with Tammy’s folks.  God blessed us with great & safe travels. The […]

My grandma:

On our way to Tammy’s folks for Thanksgiving, we stopped off at the Creation museum.  I’ve wanted to go there for nearly 10 years.  I had received brochures for it before they even broke ground.  It was fairly extensive and the the kids seemed to enjoy it.  Klay said he liked it a lot more […]

Not sure why?

Ha, I can’t believe I’m flagged here as a spam robot blog :-) Hopefully this will get resolved this week??? I may need some help from Kyle.  I requested a review from the good folks who run these. Needles to say, I’ll be interested in how this came about… Until then, please refer to the […]

Getting started, again:

It goes without saying, launching a new blog is awkward.  It’s about like taking your own picture with a digital camera…  You feel kind of dorky.   I want to get the new blog going before we begin our new season of lifegroups (small groups) and set a different tone for the blog than I […]