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Favorite Earthly possession

                           A couple of years ago I read the “Green Hills of Africa” by E.H.. I had never heard the term “musette bag” until then; yet that’s what Hemingway carried his books in while on safari.  So, afterward I became obsessed with finding […]

Clarity as the dust settles

I am ready for a break from the rambling comments of the Nye-Ham debate.  After reading several comments from atheists on my blog and on Facebook, I was tempted to tweet a snarky little jab.  I was going to make a smug statement that most, the vast majority of atheists who rely on Darwinistic evolution […]

Lawrence Krauss, atheistic theoretical physicist and cosmologist — best thing to happen to my Christian faith in a long time!

Lawrence M. Krauss, the atheistic theoretical physicist and cosmologist is the best thing to happen to my Christian faith in a long time! How so? Last night I watched Krauss’s Ratford lecture on his theory of an independent, spontaneous universe that could spring into existence all on its own: Click here: Lawrence M. Krauss || […]

One unintended Life Lesson in “Saving Mr. Banks” you won’t want to miss

I highly recommend seeing “Saving Mr. Banks” (No plot spoilers here)Emma Thompson plays the persnickety, down right rude and cruel character of P.L. Travers.Tom Hanks, as you know, plays the lovable Walt Disney.  I was on the verge of so many cascading emotions the entire length of the movie.  From start to finish, the plot […]

Broken Bread — my plea for all believers to move beyond shallow communion services:

I’m not critiquing the church or condemning anyone.  And, I’m not saying there is a silver bullet or single solution for stopping the exodus churches are seeing all across the nation.  I do want to focus on one area, where nearly every church I’ve ever worshiped with, needs a major overhaul: Communion. If your church doesn’t […]