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Ready for the New Year

Sadly, it looks like 2014 might be remembered mostly for its combination of painful events: Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson MO and Eric Garner’s death in NY, plus the ensuing riots/peaceful protests that followed their Grand Jury decisions.  We won’t easily forget the multiple beheadings of innocent people by ISIS, or the continued unrest in […]

Are we alone in the Cosmos…?

Religion column for Timesnews 11/21/14 Have you seen the recent youtube video featuring Boyd Bushman?  Bushman supposedly was a retired Lockheed Martin research engineer with insider access to the infamous Area 51.  His “deathbed” confession exposes intimate details of aliens from the planet Quintonia.  According to Bushman, a handful of these intergalactic travelers (who live […]

Getting up to speed on the book “Slow Church”

“Slow Church” IVP publishing, 2014 I had never heard of either C. Christopher Smith or John Pattison, the coauthors of “Slow Church,” and I’m guessing you haven’t either.  They aren’t Seminary professors or famous church growth gurus. Yet, they are insightful writers with a timely message.  As the title suggests, this isn’t a book with […]

Take a stand

My own standing desk After reading a few good posts on the health benefits of using a standing desk, and the dangers of sitting for several hours at a desk, I build my own standing desk.  It took me less than a 1/2 hour to put together.  I found a piece of shelving board out […]

Why kids leave church: our dirty little secret

It’s hard to estimate how many articles, books, and blog posts I’ve read concerning the topic of “why” children abandon church as they transition into adulthood.  People blame culture/peer-pressure, lack of quality youth programs, and the irrelevance of the modern consumer-driven church.  I have a sneaking suspicion the real reason is closer to home. Each […]

A topic I’ve never preached on…

(Last Friday’s column, 8/29/14) I have a confession, in over 20 years of ministry, I’ve never preached on gluttony.  It’s not that I’m opposed to being fit, nor am I ignorant on the dangers of gluttony.  By the way, how many sermons have you heard about gluttony…? For most of my adult life I’ve been […]