Faster than ever:

2008 was the fastest year ever!  I know the older we get, the less of a % each year composes, so our point of reference would naturally have each year’s length decrees, relatively speaking. 

Still, this year flew by.  For us, our family, our congregation, our friends, not only was this year incredibly fast, it carried an immense amount of emotionally charged changes, and overwhelming challenges.  
Our family faced health issues we’ve never expected or felt prepared for.  As far back as February we began with Klay needing to visit neurologist and cardiologists, and now he’s on penicillin until he’s an adult…  We’ve had ER visits with Jacob over football injuries…  I had my fair share of doctor’s office visits too, and the list goes on.  
Drew moved to Arkansas to pursue the love of his life, proposed, thankfully Laura accepted :-) and now they are engaged…
Zach is in Elizbethton.  More to come on that, another day.
As a congregation, we’ve had a time of transition that has yet to be completely fulfilled or understood…
So… I guess I’ll remember 2008 for years to come.  
Some of it with a smile; other parts of it with a limp. 
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