Getting started, again:

It goes without saying, launching a new blog is awkward.  It’s about like taking your own picture with a digital camera…  You feel kind of dorky.  

I want to get the new blog going before we begin our new season of lifegroups (small groups) and set a different tone for the blog than I had last year.  Yes, I want to utilize this space for updates on the small group ministry, include weekly outlines ext..  But, I hope to expand this blog beyond those basics.
I’ll probably do a lot of “out-loud” thinking here.  Stuff that is not typical “bulletin article” material.  Ideas and reflections that might be personal at times, and other times simply an observation on life and ministry and culture that I think is worth sharing….
So… this will be the place for lifegroup leaders to find the weekly outlines… and a place to overhear some of the ramblings of mine…
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