My grandma:

On our way to Tammy’s folks for Thanksgiving, we stopped off at the Creation museum.  I’ve wanted to go there for nearly 10 years.  I had received brochures for it before they even broke ground.  It was fairly extensive and the the kids seemed to enjoy it.  Klay said he liked it a lot more than he thought would when we told him we were going there…

After the Creation museum, we went to see my Grandma who just turned 89 Saturday.  I haven’t seen her in about three years.  We went into the nursing home where she lives in Florance KY, and asked where we could find her.  She was in the dining room eating dinner.
Well, she is getting older.  She recognized  Tammy.  Said she had a picture of her.  But, she wanted to know who I was….  That was a little tough.  Maybe I’ve been gone too long.   We had a great visit, even though my grandma kept looking sideways at me every so often trying to figure out who I was.   Eventually it appeared she recognized me.  She was really thankful for the visit.  I really enjoyed it.
The awkwardness of not being recognized by someone you really love is hard to describe.  I can’t say I’ve ever experienced that before….  It was difficult emotionally.  I was rather sad at first.  It also made me think of my own future.  What it must be like to be in the twilight years of life, and not be able to remember names and faces.   I guess there’s no way to really prepare for that.  It seems somewhat inevitable.  I hope my grandkids will do a better job of visiting me more frequently that I’ve done so far :-)
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