Last week we traveled to Chicago to enjoy Thanksgiving with Tammy’s family.  My biggest goal in getting back to Chicago is usually to make it into a Portillos for an Italian beef/sausage combo…  We had a good time, and I enjoy hanging out with Tammy’s folks.  God blessed us with great & safe travels.

The 1/2 way point for our trip up north is Cincinnati.  My grandmother who lives in a nursing home is just outside of Cincinnati.  We visited with her on the way up to Chicago, and then again on our way home.  For the 1st time in my life I experienced what it is to have a loved one not recognize you.  I was choked up for a minute or two.  Funny; she recognized Tammy immediately…  It took her at least 15 minutes before she finally recognized me…
For the first time in my adult life, also, I wanted to sit down with my grandmother and ask her all those questions, the ones like, how did you meet my grandfather?  Where did you go to school?  What was life like when…  all those questions.  
Here’s the irony: When I was younger and didn’t care enough or know enough to ask those questions she could’ve answered them…  Now, now that I’m finally interested, or should I say old enough to where this matters to me… she can’t answer, she can’t remember…   When we could’ve had this conversation I was too busy, too distracted, too unconcerned.  Now that I want to know my grandmother’s history, know more of our family’s background (and with a name like Cottongim, who couldn’t use some help there…) it’s too late to have that conversation with her.  My timing… hmmm.
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