We’ve had a family tradition for about 10 years.  We see a movie either Christmas eve, or Christmas day; preferably if it is opening night too…  

This year we took the boys to see Valkyrie staring Tom Cruise.  It was well worth seeing.
There were three main themes that made this movie:
#1. If good people do nothing, evil wins…
#2. Good people need other good people to motivate them to action.
#3.  Self-sacrifice for the good of others is the most noble of all moral actions…
Cruise’s character is an officer in the German army during WWII.  He recognizes that Hitler doesn’t represent the Germany he loves, and that the world will judge Germany through the view of Hitler…  Cruise joins in with a conspiracy group that is supposed to attempt to assassinate Hitler, but they all have cold feet.  Cruise ends up becoming the mover and shaker in the group.
(Warning, plot spoiler about to happen…)
The end of the of the movie is predicable.  That doesn’t ruin a thing though.  Though you see the end is in sight, you won’t be disappointed in the movie.
Cruise who exhibits spiritual tendencies throughout the movie; wears a golden Cross, images of Crucifixes in the background, awesome family man, ect.
In the end, Cruise faces a firing squad, he pays the ultimate price doing what he knows is the right thing.  And he has no regrets.  Bold.  Brave.  Inspiring.
I highly recommend that if you do see the movie, you look for the many redemptive themes.  
There are several great lessons in the movie.  There are some intense war violence scenes.  One other warning, there is one use of the “F” word, and a smattering of other words.   
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