Was the movie Interstellar “Out of this world”? or did it rest on solid ground?

(No plot spoilers planned here)
Few trailers get me choked up, but the trailer for Interstellar did; that’s why I had to see Interstellar.  I’m not really a huge Matthew McConaughey fan, but that might be changing.   Last night Tammy and I arrived at the theater about 30 minutes early so we could get good seats, and as Tammy said afterward, the movie kept us on the edge of our seats.  It was long, nearly 3 hours.   
From the previews you already know that planet earth is turning into a dust bowl.  Our days on earth are limited, and so farmer, former engineer “Cooper” (McConaughey) will trade in his tractor for a spaceship to find a habitable planet to save mankind.  How do you get a good plot line out of that?  You add in he’s leaving his family behind, the theory of relativity that indicates time passes differently for space-travelers and earth dwellers (so if he ever returns his family could all be long dead) and, you add the uncertainly the crew could end up like the 80’s song “Major Tom.”  Will they succeed, what’s driving them, and can they cooperate, all make for a great plot.  
The movie is filled with popular level Newtonian and Quantum physics.  Several terms and concepts hold the plot together, but don’t worry, you don’t have to be a nerd to keep up with the science of the plot.  Still, I think at some level we all find space travel, wormholes connecting galaxies, and black holes interesting.  
Most movies along these plot lines have love stories built in, in the case of Interstellar love is the story.  Not romance or cheesy nostalgia, but a love that transcends space and time, and can’t be explained away by the scientific method.  The strength of love is teased out from start to finish, and by one of the astronauts love is attributed to “evolutionary” instincts.  Though the movie doesn’t try to pit love, humanity, evolution and faith against themselves, these topics certainly come center stage.  There are great subplot themes of loyalty, sacrifice,  and dedication that truly brings value to the story.
The plot is great, and the movie well worth seeing.  Without the typical Hollywood shallow use of sex & violence or extreme foul language to carry a plot, Interstellar puts together great acting and a very good story, it’s so clean you could take an adolescent or grandparent to it and not be embarrassed, unless a shedding a few tears embarrass you. 

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