Who made made the waves in the Big Bang?

There’s a lot of talk this week about the exciting discovery of the initial waves of gravity as the Big Bang expanded, verifying what’s known as inflation.  It appears that the universe expanded faster than the speed of the light in the first split-second of the existence of the universe, and then began to expand at a steady rate for quite a while.

Click here to read about the new discovery, which is probably going to earn a Nobel prize

This is important, not least of all, because it shows the universe didn’t always exist.  So why would it start, that’s a question that involves a choice making entity. An intelligent being exercising willpower.

The amazing part about the whole discussion is not how divided we are on the questions of the Big Bang between believers and nonbelievers, but that people will study the universe looking for a “cause & effect” that can be measured, tested and analyzed, but not think that there was an ultimate cause.

Science isn’t the enemy of faith, and in fact discoveries like we read about this week need to be celebrated.  I see nothing whatsoever in Big Bang cosmology that comes close to contradicting Genesis 1:1.  Science can help us understand “what” we see, but the job of science isn’t to give a “why.”  The big question remains, since we see these ancient waves of gravity from the early moments of the Big Bang, like ripples in a pond, who made the big “splash” in the pond?

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